Business Profile

Business Profile


Origin of the company

WATARAI Co.,Ltd. was established in 1921 as a fish catching company. Today, the company owns two fishing boats, "Koshin Maru No. 7" and "Koyo Maru No. 38," and catches fish in the sea around Japan and in the deep sea.


Sales of raw products

The highest quality products from our originally developed route

The company has its root in fishing. We stably take high quality raw fish, and process and sell our products through the know-how we have acquired over years while operating our own fishing boats in the world oceans as well as the latest information from our partner companies and our personal network.
Fish we deal with:
Imported fish
Cod, pacific ocean perch, Atka mackerel, Greenland halibut, arrowtooth flounder, sable fish, Thorny Head, Shortraker, Rock sole, flathead sole, alfonsino, etc.; and general northern sea bottomfish
Domestic fish
Mackerel, Japanese flying squid, gray’s cutthroat eel, Pacific saury


Food safety and reliability oriented producing in the HACCP certified factory

Our production is based on a two-factory system. This consists of the Shiogama Factory (a HACCP-certified production line has been installed) and the Onagawa Factory, where we do primary processing of raw materials and produce end products. The company provides safe and reliable products which are produced on thorough hygiene control and inspection systems.


HACCP certified factory

Processing or Products and sales

Providing products to customers made in our own factories

Under the motto of "From the world ocean to your table," we stick to making products on the customer's standpoint while making efforts in divisions including the fish catching division, Shiogama and Onagawa factories, and the development and sales divisions.



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