Business Profile


Factory Shiogama Head Office Factory
(Acquired HACCP in February, 1998)
Location Shiogama-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Number of employees 100


  • Cod, arrowtooth flounder


  • Pacific Ocean Perch, arrowtooth flounder, yellow tail, squid


  • Arabesque greenling, mackerel, Pacific Ocean Perch, alfonsino


  • Greenland halibut (skinless fillet, skinless/boneless slice), arrowtooth flounder (skinless fillet, skinless/boneless slice), boneless cod
Production equipment
  • Tunnel freezer
    3 units
  • Air blast freezer
    2 units
  • Far-infrared radiation dryer
    1 unit
  • Cool wind dryer
    1 unit
  • Steam cooker
    1 unit
  • Multivac packaging equipment
    2 sets
  • Automatic food tray packaging line
    1 unit
Factory Shiogama No.2 factory
We restored Onagawa factory in Shiogama city, which was full-destroyed by Tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake March11th,2011.
Location Shiogama city Miyagi prefecture
Production item We will do shore processing!!
Freezing raw material and primary processing of Squid,Conger Eel,and Pacific Cod caught by trawl vessel including our own Koyo Maru No.38 and mackerel caught by surrounding nets vessels.
production facility

【Major facility】

  • High-speed automatic sorting machine
  • Head-cut and filleting machine for Mackerel
  • BAADER model 200 Pacific Cod filleting machine : 2 units
  • Tunnel freezer : 1 unit ・ Bone remove machine
  • others
Air-blast freezer
11t x 3 units
IQF Quick freezing by rack system Refrigerator 3,500t
Site area : 6,600 square meter
Gross floor area : 2,970 square meter (including coldwarehouse)

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