Corporate Outline

Company Philosophy

1For a better life for all employees, have profitability while contributing to the local community
2Offer better products to consumers at lower prices


Foundation 1921
Established April 1952
Employees 205 (As of January 2010)
Group sales 10,298 million (Record in FY 2008)

Corporate History

1921 Uhei Watarai and Tahei Sugiura began trawler fishing by themselves
Apr 1952 Watarai Shoten Co.,Ltd. established.
Dec 1963 Operated ocean-going trawling fishery (Hokuten-sen or deep sea trawlers converted to the northern ocean)
Jun 1968 A refrigerator (freezing: 20 t, refrigerating: 1,100 t) built Started refrigerating business
Jan 1969 Ocean-going trawling fishery (north trawl), and a mother ship type salmon and trout fishery, bonito and tuna fishery
Apr 1972 Koshin Maru No. 17 (96 t/Mother ship type salmon and trout fishing, long line bonito and tuna fishing) built and started service
Mar 1977 Sendai Central Wholesale Market intermediate wholesaler Watarai Co.,Ltd. established
Nov 1986 Koshin Maru No. 3 (379 t/south and north trawl) built and started service
Oct 1987 A refrigerator (3,600 t) added. Permitted as a bonded warehouse
Oct 1988 Koshim Maru No. 28 (379 t/Ocean-going long line tuna) built and started service
Oct 1989 Koshin Maru No. 27 (409 t/Ocean-going tuna long line) built and started service
Jan 1990 Changed the company name to WATARAI Co.,Ltd.
Nov 1992 Food processing factory newly completed
Jun 2006 Far-infrared drier (M tech) introduced at Shiogama Factory
Sep 2008 Koyo Maru No. 38 started service
Sep 2009 WATARAI QINGDAO Office established
May 2012 Food processing factory certified as HACCP


Watarai Refrigerating Co.,Ltd. Refrigerating warehouse business (bonded warehouse) with A and B buildings, which can store 6,000 t of refrigerated food in total
Watarai Co.,Ltd. Sendai Central Wholesale Market intermediate wholesaler

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